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Clasifying Humans by Actions, Where do you belong?

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Humans live. Humans die. Sometimes, long dead humans will always be remembered. Why? What can we do to be remembered by the world at large when we’re dead? How can classifying humans by actions aid us to know whether we’ll be remembered (after death) for our actions? Read this article.

The purpose of this article isn’t to put fear into the mind of people but rather, to encourage everyone (especially young people) into taking the right steps in life.

Classifying humans by the outcome of their actions

There may be many words used to classify humans but in this article, I’ll use just four words:
  1. Pacesetter
  2. Trend makers
  3. Follower of pacesetters
  4. Follower of trend makers
Lets examine each of the aforementioned words


Jesus, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and many others have at least something in common: they did something and they’re remembered for it. Pacesetters may be ridiculed at the present because what they’re doing is new and somewhat weird but they’ll definitely be remembered in the future.

Trend makers

Yomi casual, Davido, Linda Ikeji and many others are popular now cause of what they offer. Truth be told: if they stop what they’re doing now, they’ll be forgotten in time. Trend makers are very popular presently cause of their actions but in the future, very few will be remembered cause by then they may be viewed as off-trend.

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