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How WhatsApp Consumes Your Mobile Data Silently

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If there is any app anyone should have on his phone, that app is WhatsApp. It makes communication easy. In fact you can make the cheapest call all over the world via whatsapp. I once called a friend living abroad and with 22MB of Data I could talk for over 35 mins.
WhatsApp helps you to keep in touch with your friends but it’s the new Data Consumer. In the picture below, I checked my data usage and found out that after Tethering and Hotspot, WhatsApp was the next big thing that eats up my Data.

I really wanted to find out why it is so and found out that after the recent update of WhatsApp status via pictures and videos that WhatsApp have started consuming data like Instagram.
Do you know that each time you view a photo status or a video status, it downloads straight to your phone but you won’t see it. So imagine all the video status and photo status you have viewed, that is what have been silently consuming your data recently.
You want to see evidence, open your phone storage and head to the WhatsApp folder, open the media sub- folder and you will see the status folder where all of them saves.
You belong to so many WhatsApp group and when you set your WhatsApp media to automatic download, any video or picture sent to these groups automatically download on your phone and some of these videos are up to 16MB so imagine when videos like that download up to 15 in a day on your phone and in most cases these same videos are shared in more than 5 groups you belong to.
What is the Way Out?
Remove your settings from automatic download. You must not view all photo status and videos. You can skip them

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