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9 Places to Touch a Woman and Make Her Go Crazy For You

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Probably after reading the title you must be thinking that I will talk about women’s front or privates but no way in women’s body you can explore bit more to turn them on. Touching never means that you have to touch her in wrong way like eve teasing or approaching for love act, sometime you should give her a soothing touch to relax her after hectic schedule. Apart from bust and privates, there are many parts of her body which can make her wild and fall for you. So let’s take a tour and know where to touch her to make her fall for you.

Touch Her Hairs

touch her hairs

Touching her hairs with sooth can make her feel high so remember to first touch her hairs then hug her tightly.

Hold Her From Lower Area

lower back
You might be thinking that touching her private can turn her on and satisfy her but its wrong, hold her from lower area and she will sense that you need some more from her.

After That Rub Her Feets

rub her feet
Rubbing her feet can make her feel so relaxed and she will surely understand that you are in the mood of love act. So never forget this step!

Play With Her Earlobes

If you wish to see her wild side then play with her earlobes. With this touch she will get immense pleasure and fun.

Do You Know Trick To Turn Her On Quickly?

tickle her
The best trick is to tickle on her hands, she will get immediately crazy and ask you to do more.

Caress Her Area Under Knees

area under knees
I am 100% sure you don’t have any idea that by this act she will actually beg you to go far. This is a very sensitive area, so touching her will turn her mood surely.

This Move will Completely Excite Her!

hold her
Hold her tightly from her back, and show you interest for your next step she will definitely support you.

Clavicle Means Collarbone ~ Kiss Her Here To See Whether She Want To Make Love

Want to know her consent? Try rubbing and kissing her collarbone, if she is interested she will definitely hold you tightly and rub your back.

Back Side Of Her Neck Area

If you have kissed her here then you must be aware how she get excited and become uncontrollable. So touch and kiss her this striking area and you can also try a wild bite.

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