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Why Having Children Adds Almost 2 Years to Your Life – Scientists

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Why Having Children Adds Almost 2 Years to Your Life – Scientists.

 A news research study conducted by scientists suggest that having children brings longer life to adults. The study concludes that fathers can expect to live nearly two years more while mothers add additional 18 months to their life for having children
Scientists do not believe the effect is biological, but rather the result a loving support network which is crucial in later life, when, something as simple as a fall can be deadly.
So despite th obvious physical stress, financial worries that having kids bring, children also bring longer life!

Children help their parents in later life 

Previous studies have found that loneliness, or losing a partner in later life can hasten death, but it is the first large study to show that children have a protective effect.
Dr Karin Modig, Unit of Epidemiology, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, which carried out the study pointed out the following;
“Having children is associated with increased longevity, particularly in an absolute sense in old age.
“Support from adult children to ageing parents may be of importance for parental health and longevity.
“At old age, the stress of parenthood is likely to be lower and instead, parents can benefit from social support from their children.
“In addition, parents have on average more healthful behaviours than childless individuals.”
What however was not made clear in the study is whether the number of kids have an effect on the longevity.
More about the study here.


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