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10 Most Effective ways to prevent skin aging

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Without a doubt, the habits we have will influence the health of the skin and directly in the prevention of wrinkles. If we take a lot of sun we will age the skin prematurely, more if we do it without protection. That’s why sunscreens and moderation are the keys to a young skin.

Another important point is to maintain the hydration of the whole body, drinking the recommended daily amounts of water. This allows skin cells to remain hydrated and in turn eliminate toxins.

The diet also has to do: having all the necessary nutrients makes the skin shine, stays healthy and does not lose any component. For that, you should eat enough omega 3 -salmon-, foods with vitamins A, B, C and E -juice of blueberries, carrots, apples, strawberries-.

It goes without saying that smoking is strictly prohibited, as cigarettes reduce the production of collagen and elastin, important components to maintain skin elasticity. Some studies also say that caffeine can be bad for skin health.

Get enough sleep and try to have hours of restful sleep, since quantity is not as important as quality. And it is recommended that to sleep, do not do it sideways or upside down, since the friction of the face against the pillow can cause wrinkles. Do not make repetitive gestures – such as frowning – that can generate long-term wrinkles.

It is important to remove makeup before going to sleep and use a good moisturizer to prevent dry skin, which makes wrinkles more propitious. However, while it is important to maintain skin hygiene, we should not wipe it away, a fact quite common among people who have oily skin and awrinkles

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