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13 Year Old Nigerian Girl, Rape Victim 5 Months Pregnant With Twins In Kaduna

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13 Year Old Primary School Girl, Rape Victim 5 Months Pregnant With Twins In Kaduna State
Father Of Rape Victim Approaches Sharia Court For Justice As Imam And 7 Other Alleged Rapists Get Bail
A primary school pupil has been confirmed pregnant with twins after 7 elderly men including an Imam allegedly raped her.
The primary six pupil at Local Education Authority (LEA), Anchau Taka-Lafiya, Kubau Local Government Area of Kaduna State told her father that eight men including her neighbour, an elderly Imam of a mosque where the father observed his prayers daily sexually molested her.
The girl confessed that the men had sexually molested her severally at different spots after they enticed her with N500 and other gift items and often threatened to deal with her should she tell anyone about what transpired.
They usually called me and would give N500 on my way back from school or when I went hawking. They usually forced me into it with warning not to tell my parents. They threatened to kill me if I dared to tell anybody about it, including my parents.
“They threatened to kill me each time they raped me. That was why I was afraid to tell my parents until they found out that I was pregnant,”she said.
Upon the shocking discovery, the father of the girl, Mallam Mu’azu Shittu, 50, in an attempt to seek justice approached Upper Sharia Court in Ikara Local Government Area of the state.
According to him,  “eight men raped my daughter and now she is pregnant. They usually gave her money while some would give her gifts to have sex with her. They slept with her the way they wanted and she was almost turned into a sex machine.
“For the past five months, we could not sleep with our eyes closed because of this problem. She is too small to be carrying twins. The sad thing is that none of them is ready to take the responsibility as the father of the unborn babies.
“Now, among the eight men that were indicted, one of them is our close neighbour, Alhaji Danlami Sakatare. He is our imam and because of what he did to my daughter, I have stopped going to join them in prayers in the mosque because I cannot follow the prayer of a rapist who wants to destroy my family.
“I don’t like bastards in my family. That is why I am doing my best to protect the integrity of my family. We are planning to abort the pregnancy to avoid the shame and embarrassment that may follow,”the angry father said.
Meanwhile, the men accused of being responsible for the abuse of the girl were granted bail on Friday. But the father has reported the case to a human rights organization to assist in getting justice.
The founder of Arridah Relief Foundation of Nigeria, Hajiya Rabi Salisu Ibrahim said, “we received the case in our office. In the past two years, we have treated over 400 cases of rape and child abuse but we have never come across this type of inhumanity.”
“It was devastating to see eight men raping a girl of 13 and got her pregnant. She has no breast at all and her parents are threatening to abort the twins in other to avert public embarrassment.
“For the fact that the rapists are eight in number and she is pregnant with twins, she might be probably having HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases or some kind of dangerous infections as a result of forced sex,” she said.
Ibrahim solicited the support of the state government and other human rights organizations and religious leaders to quickly intervene in the matter to save the poor child.
Another women organization, Foundation for The Protection of Women and Children in Nigeria has called on Jama’atul Nasir Islam (JNI) and Kaduna State Government to intervene and suspend the Imam from leading prayers and give him a tougher punishment to serve as a deterrent to others.

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