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How To Open Google Adsense Account From Blogger Dashboard

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If you want to make money online from Google Adsense Pay-Per-Click program, you must have an approved Google Adsense account. You don’t have to buy Google Adsense account because you can get it free of charge if your application meets up with the requirements.

Though, you can get Google Adsense account by filling the application form at but signing up for it via the Blogger dashboard guarantees easy approval as explained in an update to the application process for host partner sites published by Google recently.
Before you apply for a new Google Adsense account, I recommend you have at least 10 unique posts on your blog (not posts you copied elsewhere) and make sure your blog is already getting some tangible traffic from the right sources ( e.g social networks, search engines) and not through blackhat methods.  Do not create a blog today and apply for Adsense the next day.
More so, make sure your blog posts do not include any prohibited site content, including adult content, violence or excessive profanity, or copyrighted material. Also make sure your blog does not participate in programs that compensate people to perform activities that drive traffic to you. You must not encourage others to join such programs in the content, links or third-party ads on your site. If you can abide by these policies, your Adsense application will be approved.

So, How Do I Create Adsense Account from 

Blogger Dashboard?
==> Log in to or
==> From the dashboard of the blog you want to use in applying for new Google adsense account, click on the “Earnings” tab as seen in the screenshot below:

==> Click on the “Get Started” button –> “Create Account”. You should see:

==> Fill in the form as indicated above.
==> Choose “Individual” as the account type.
==> Ensure you are at least 18 years of age and the “Payee Name” matches the name on your bank account. The “Payee Name” is what will appear on your cheque which you will take to your bank. If it doesn’t match the name on your bank account, your bank will not process the cheque for you.
==> There is a space for “Street Address” which you can’t see in the screenshot above. Fill it accordingly.
==> Take Note of the “Policies”, tick all the boxes and note that failure to adhere to the rules will lead to you been banned.  Once you are banned, you will never be able to re-register for Adsense again. Be Warned!

==> Take note of the tutorials on the right hand side. You will learn a lot about Google Adsense if you read them.
==> When you are done, click on “Submit Information”.
What Next?
You will have to wait for feedback from Google Adsense about your application. In the mail that will be sent to you, you will be informed if your application has been approved or not.
If approved, you will see the instruction on how to add the ad codes to your blog.  If not approved, you will see the reasons in the mail and the steps to take in fixing the problem(s).
If approved, you can always log in to to generate your ad codes, track your earnings, monitor your payments etc.
Once you earn up to $10, Google Adsense will mail an envelope containing your Adsense pin to the address in your Adsense account. You will have to enter this pin somewhere in your Adsense account at for your Adsense account to be verified. Failure to verify your Adsense account after a specific period of time might stop Google Ads from been displayed on your blog.
If Google does not approve your Adsense application, read: “What To Do If Google Disapproves Your Adsense Application“.
That’s all.
If you have contributions or questions to ask, please relay them via the comments.

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