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How to Write and Publish Original Articles on Your Blog

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Are you trying to build a good blog? If yes, learn the step-by-step guide on how to write original articles on your blog now. This is the only currency you need to build a better blog if you are starting your blog this year.
The idea of original articles originates from original ideas. It is often commonplace to see bloggers copying the original work from an existing article to publish on their blogs.
This is condemnable because a copycat isn’t adding anything new to human knowledge that ordinarily should be achieved in every article.
The idea of the techniques one should be equipped with in the quest to write original articles is a commendable one because many blog writers get frustrated in a bid to write and display articles on their blogs and this explains why they copy other writers’ works.
This piece is a guide to all writers who wish to desist from such acts but are clueless as to how to go about it.
I guess by now you will be wondering how such a feat could be achieved – well, join me as we go on a journey to discuss how to write original article on your blog without copying the works of other writers who have done related works.

What Are The Techniques?

Guide1. Be imaginative

For you to make a good writer you must learn to be imaginative. Yes, you must learn to think beyond ordinary.
For you to make a good blog writer, you must think and see things differently. Be alive to your environment.
Ordinarily, some things have ABC methods of achieving them which may be the same for most articles, but some other cases might arise and you will have to put your thinking cap on to think beyond the ordinary.
If you are not a good thinker, you can’t make a good writer. Speaking of thinking, you don’t necessarily have to be a philosopher, but you must THINK in such a way many people might consider extraordinary – always trying to understand why things happen the way they do, the explanation for it, and better and cheaper ways of achieving great results.
For example, when you are asked to write on how Nigeria can advance her homegrown technology, there’s no point trying to copy this from some article because every reader will expect you to come up with your unique ideas, this way you are adding some ideas to human wealth of knowledge.
So, being imaginative is one of the ways to write original article on your blog without copying people’s works.

Guide2. Get experts’ ideas

In some articles, there may be need to go and meet experts who have practical and empirical knowledge of what you wish you write about.
Obviously, you cannot know something more than someone who has been practicing it for many years, so there is a need to go and get their ideas and use them in your write up.
For example, you wish to write about the processes involved in getting a short term loan at Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, there is a need to visit the nearest GTBank branch and make the necessary enquiry from a customer care agent.
Even though you can articulate your points when writing such articles, but getting the ideas of experts are important because there may be need to cite the source of your information and this indicates authority.
Another example is when you write about: Why churches don’t support their poor church members. You could say, churches don’t support their poor members because many pastors have lost their focus, says Pastor Emmanuel Dele of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ibadan.
Invariably you are telling your reader that you did a thorough research and the views expressed in the article are not originally yours especially if the topic is a controversial one and can instigate some sections of the society against you.
So, this is one of the ways you can write original article on your blog and not copy and modify the works of others.

Guide3. Do the experiment yourself

If you wish to write original article on your blog, there is a need to go into the field and carry out certain tests and experiments yourself.
This is because it will help you categorically express your findings and conclusions, thus debunk some ideas and theories which had existed earlier and that which everyone accepted as “truth.”
It is not enough to express the ideas of everyone just to be accepted or to achieve hits that generate traffic on your blog.
That’s a no-no. Do something different. Ensure you get into the field and get practical proof of the thing you wish to write about.
Remember everyone in the world thought the earth was spherical until Ferdinand Magellan and Juan S. Elcano proved otherwise after their circumnavigation of the earth from 1519-1522.
Yes, you thought right! Their practical navigation round the world proved to the world that the world wasn’t spherical as all believed but geoid, and debunked the idea that the world was spherical.
This helped them debunk the age-long idea that the world was spherical. So, experimenting the process gives you confidence to originally write about just anything and draw your conclusions irrespective of who thinks otherwise.

Guide4. Develop genuine enthusiasm in area of interest
If you wish to get into niche blogging, you must have a genuine interest in your area of concentration.
You will need some inspiration to write original articles and there is a need to genuinely like the area or subject you wish to write about.
Before choosing a subject, it must something you can relate with so that ideas can flow naturally and inspiration can come immediately you come into contact with it.
For example, if you wish to write about music all the time on your blog, someone who likes music a lot will definitely make a better writer because the music ideas will be flowing naturally, the urge and inspiration to write about the subject will always be there.
So, to write original article on your blog you should develop genuine enthusiasm in area of interest.
The techniques discussed above are the major methods through which bloggers can write original article on your blog without copying the works of other writers.I hope you know that Google Adsense will not accept you into their advertising program if your site or blog have duplicate contents.
Remember, if you are copying the already done work of another writer, you are not adding anything to the body of knowledge of the area you are writing on.

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