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Natural Home Remedies To Reduce Breast Size

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Natural Home Remedies To Reduce Breast Size, Breast fat is a serious concern these days among women. Everyone wants to look leaner and sexier.Breast fat is a kind of stubborn fat that doesn’t decrease easily. In order to decrease that one needs to attack the fat with both work out as well as diet. Here are some of the exercises that one can try to reduce breast fat and also chest fat-:
  1. Push-ups: Push ups are the classic breast fat killer.They attack the whole area of chest along with your arms as well as lower torso.
  2. Shadow Boxing: This one is the exercise that almost every celeb does.Boxing not only works for your arms but also attacks the lower portion of chest along with your back and parts.
  3. Burpees: Burpees not does only kills the whole body fat but also increases one’s speed and stamina.
  4. Dumbbell fly: if you are doing weight training then this one is a boon for you . It wont just kill the fat but also gives your chest a proper definition.
Doing the above exercises vigorously along with a diet low in carbs and comparatively higher in protein will surely do the wonders.Try to cut out salt and sugar from your food.Rely on natural sugars like banana,grapes and other fruits and nuts.Stay away from junk food .Eating clean not only works great for your body but also for your mind and day!

Intense cardio to reduce your upper body fat. It starts with :

  • Push ups different variations
  • Jump and hop
  • Skipping ropes
  • Jumping jacks
  • Upper body stretching
And now weight training :
  • Flat bench bar chest press
  • Flat bench dumbbell chest press
  • Inclined bar chest press
  • Inclined dumbbell chest press
  • Decline bar chest press
  • Decline dumbbell chest press
  • Pec delt (these are called flys)
  • Single arm pull over
  • Cable cross lower mid and upper circuit.
Cardio thrice in a week and chest weight training twice in a week with a variation. That’s all you will subtle change in chest fat.

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