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USA Visa Appointment in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

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American (USA) visa appointment is scheduled in either the United State Embassy in Abuja or the United State Consulate General in Lagos. Be that has it may, to schedule an appointment in the United State of American Embassy, there are specific things involve, which you should take into consideration, and some of which are the type of visa you are seeking for, the payment of visa, as well as completing a form called DS-160 visa application form.

Nevertheless, there are some information and documents you should have readily available if you must secure nonimmigrant visa appointment, and these documents include;    

Document required for USA visa appointment

If you wish to travel to the United States of America, you must have a valid passport that is legal for your travel to the United States of America, and should have legality date of at least more than the period you intend to spend in the United States, unless where there is specified agreement that exempt you. And if there is more than one person in the passport, each person seeking for visa should therefore complete an application form and submit.
Other things to submit along with the application form include; your fee payment receipt which you pay in a designated bank, and please note, it must be in the Guarantee Trust bank. You will also need to submit your DS-160 confirmation page, as well as your telephone and email numbers that are valid.

Once the necessary processes have been completed particularly, the completion of DS-160 form, and all the requirements made ready, the next step will be to schedule for your interview, and the interview comes some few hours later after you might have completed the payment of your visa application at the designated bank, I told you earlier that it is Guarantee Trust bank, any branch.Moreso, sometimes, additional document may be required, such document that has to do with visa class, for example, the copy of the petition that was approved for you, which is petition-based visas, like DS-2019 visas, 1-2 for students’ visas among others.

The reason is obvious because you cannot schedule for the visa appointment without your payment receipt, since you will need the code on the printed payment receipt, which was given to you at the Guarantee Trust bank after payment.
You should note that the code on the payment receipt will be needed so that you can book for interview, and while going for the interview, you will go with the printed confirmation page. Please also note that either in the Embassy or in the Consulate, they will not receive handwritten application form or typed application form, neither will they attain to you without DS-160 confirmation page.
You are to submit your application form online. Signing your DS-160 form simply means that you are confirming that information provided in that form is true, any distortion of fact may stop you from traveling to United States.

Steps to complete your DS-160 application form

However, should you have difficulty in completing your DS-160, you will be provided with website online that will handle every of your enquiry, and question.
Once you get you DS-160 form, you are to complete the form after studying nonimmigrant visa application process. After completion, you are to submit your DS-160 form online before you book for interview appointment at either the Embassy or at the Consulate.
At the beginning of the DS-160 form, there is an interview post, which you have to choose, and remember that it is the same post you will select when you want to schedule appointment for you interview.
You are to complete the DS-160 form in English language, and please note, every question asked should be responded with English language character, unless where you are ask to give some information that may require some of your native alphabet, for example, your full name.

After you might have finished completing your form, and you have submitted the application form online, before you close the browser, make sure that you copy your ID number because you will need it again to continue your application if possible.Also note that, while completing your DS-160 application form, you are timed, once you delayed up to twenty minutes that session will elude you, that means, you have to start afresh, and when you start gain, guide against stopping, while completing the form, say more than twenty minutes again, otherwise, the chances is that your session will expire again, but if you did record your ID number, or in that computer, you have served your application to a file, while completing DS-160 form, then that can guarantee your continuation, without your session expiring.

Once the DS-160 application is completed, it will produce a code confirmation page, and this barcode confirmation page is very important as I said earlier, because it is the confirmation page that you will carry along while going for an interview at either the Embassy or Consulate. So you have to print out the barcode confirmation page.
The very last point I want to make is that you should be careful to complete the DS-160 application form correctly, and after that, book for interview appointment immediately.

You must find time to study all the necessary steps into completing DS-160 application form , make all the necessary inquiry, you will be provided with website online that will help address all your difficult questions regarding the completion of USA visa application form.You will be called for interview, but make sure that while going for the interview at the Embassy or at the Consulate, be reminded that you will go with your passport, and your passport will bear the number that was in your DS-160 confirmation page, this is very important because once your names on your passport and any other document matches, as well as the DS-160 confirmation page that was print out, and is exactly with the DS-160 application receipt number you use when booking for interview appointment, then you might scale through United States of America visa appointment.

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