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Why Should You Use Instagram Marketing For Your Dropshipping Business

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with millions of people using it every day. As a marketer, the potential of Instagram as a marketing tool can be endless, which can also work to your advantage if you are operating a dropshipping business. In fact, through its platform, you can make the perfect marketing strategy.
How so?
Think about it: Millions of people out there will have the opportunity to view your products. It will undoubtedly skyrocket your business’ sales and profits and can lead to a successful drop shipping business.
So, let’s dive in as we analyze how Instagram works and why it’s a great platform to use for your business.
Wider-Customer Base
This one is a no-brainer – Instagram has over 500 million active users, composed of a diverse audience that is more than happy to engage with brands. Thus, this gives you access to a broader audience coverage, resulting in higher engagements and increased conversion rates.
Consider these important statistics:
  • Over 80% of users follow a business or a brand on Instagram, with over 60% saying that they’ve discovered a particular service or product through the platform.
  • 30% of these users have bought products that they’ve discovered on the platform.
  • Out of the top-performing posts, about 65% of which feature products.
More Organic Traffic Means Less Investment
So you might have chosen a particular niche you are passionate about. You then start coming up with excellent content and regular postings on your account. You’re answering general queries from interested customers, and you’re generating organic traffic to your site. Before you know it, you are already gaining traction in your business through the wonders of social media without spending a single penny.  Amazing, right?
It’s because most potential buyers are active users of Instagram. Thus, it can be a big boost for your dropshipping business.
You Gain Leverage over Competitors
Most businesses still heavily rely on other social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, only 2-3% of business units use Instagram for promoting their products online.
Use it as an advantage to create the perfect social media marketing strategy if you want to stand out from the rest of the pack. The lesser the competition, the better. That way, your business has a high potential to engage more followers, and maximize conversions.
Visual Content Will Always Be Effective
Visual content is social media’s secret weapon.
Humans are born as visual creatures by nature. For years, there has been a noticeably rapid shift towards visual social media content. Think about Pinterest and Instagram, and how these platforms grew in popularity. It’s because compelling videos and images can quickly grab a person’s attention with relative ease. In fact, the brain is likely going to process an image 60,000 x faster than text.  As a result, it can evoke a stronger emotional reaction from the audience than a typical text would.
Not only that, posting images and videos that are related to your products given your customers a better insight of your brand. Videos are valuable, as they have the power to share more information with users. However, photos can, on average, get 36% more engagement. So, if you’re going to post a video, an effective strategy is to keep it sweet and short.
According to a study by Curalate, here are striking characteristics of content that performs well on Instagram:
  • Lighter images outperform darker ones
  • White space or more background is preferred
  • Images with contrasting textures generate more ‘likes’
  • Images with bluer dominant colors performed better than those with dominant red colors
  • Images with a single dominant color performed relatively well than those with multiple dominant colors
Fewer Costs on Advertisements
If you’re using Advertising on Facebook, you are likely going to spend money on ads. Although you have the option to use paid ads on Instagram, it’s not an issue if you prefer not to spend a single dollar. In fact, you can do ads on your product line on Instagram for free.
Spending less while gaining more makes Instagram an excellent marketing strategy for dropshipping.
To know more, you can get started by using this effective dropshipping guide from Shopify.
Setting up an Instagram account for your business is easy. You just need to go through a simple process, then you’re all set.  Before you know it, you’re posting photos of your latest products online.
Not only that, the platform’s design is relatively clutter-free with no external links which helps improve the overall user experience. Additionally, you can also set up a different business account for yourself in a few simple steps.
In Summary
Instagram can be a powerful tool in boosting the marketing strategy of your drop shipping business. It has amazing benefits that will help you gain more leads, maximize conversions, and increase overall profits.

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